Game Tight Media Group (GTMG) is the world's upcoming multi media company and is comprised of ten core businesses including:
Franklin Chavis Agency, Whats Goody Productions, RV Digtal Design, GameTight Recordz, SYGU - Digital Music Network, GT Refreshments, GT Fashions, GT Communications and Distribution Division.

The company discovers, develops, markets and distributes recorded music through a network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and licensees. GTMG also sells and distributes music video and DVD products, and licenses recordings, encouraging the legal distribution of music through various networks. GTMG Includes GameTight Recordz, the world's upcoming music company. GTMG's music publishing company, GameTight Publishing Group, is the world's future dominate publishing business; it owns and acquires rights to musical compositions and licenses them for use in recordings and related uses, such as films and advertisements. GTMG also includes GameTight Kicks, its merchandising company, and Franklin Chavis Agency, its full service management division.

GameTight Media Group International is the division that manages GTMG's businesses in countries outside of North America